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Jul 27, 2020

Want To Stop Looking For Success As A Solution To Feel ‘Enough’? Our expert guest today is Tyson Sharpe. In this interview, you will learn how to achieve your business and life goals, not to fill an internal void, but as an extension of who you really are.

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Are You Attached To The Outcome? Most people are looking to achieve next-level results in order to fill a void within themselves. If you have ever looked to succeed in order to feel ‘enough’ or worthy, you’ll resonate with our expert guest today.

In this conversation, you will learn how to overcome this pattern by developing a deeper inner relationship.

Tyson Sharpe’s strategies help people to elevate in 3 areas:
1) Deeper self-connection
2) Heightened consciousness
3) Elevated Courage

Tyson’s mission is to introduce a heightened level of consciousness into the world of business. Tyson has coached hundreds of online business owners helping them transcend their patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration so they can build a more conscious business as an extension of their personal awakening.

Tyson Sharpe believes that when you build a business from flow, creativity, and alignment, you can’t NOT thrive, and you will create the difference in the world you are being pulled towards by your heart.

Hosted by Paul & Jennifer Henczel, Produced by Jennifer Henczel.