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Aug 3, 2020

Darryll teaches how to turn your pain into revenue and a more fulfilled life! Paul Henczel is the host today. Access The Inspiring Show Podcast, Show Notes and Downloads:

This episode is packed with inspiration from our guest today. Hear Darryll Stinson’s gripping story of rejection to success.

Golden nuggets of wisdom from our interview with Darryll Stinson:

  • You can turn your rejections, depression or past failures into success and greater fulfillment.
  • You cannot conquer what you’re unwilling to confront.
  • Your life does matter. People do care. People can relate.
  • You’re not weak because you’re struggling, you’re strong because your surviving.
  • Overcoming rejection is not about me, it’s about how you can help the world with your story.
  • The impact your story can make have a greater pull than the rejection.
  • If you allow your fear of rejection win, you will never release your gifts into the world.
  • What to do if you have multiple passions and identifying your purpose.
  • Nothing breaks rejections like success.
  • Hear Darryll's 3 step method for overcoming rejection: Reflect + Analyze + Reframe (projection or protection).

Darryll Stinson is an athletic transition thought leader, rapper and suicide survivor.

He is also a TEDx speaker and certified John Maxwell coach, he shares his life experience of overcoming addiction, childhood rejection, mental illness, depression, and multiple suicide attempts to produce success in his life and inspire others to experience the abundant life.

Darryll played defensive end at Central Michigan University where he was part of that 23rd nationally ranked team. He incorporates the disciplines and inspirations of being an athlete into his teachings.

Darryll also founded Second Chance Athletes in 2017. A holistic athletic transition company which helps former and forgotten athletes reach their full potential on and off the field.

Hosted by Paul Henczel, Produced by Jennifer Henczel.