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May 3, 2020

Our guest today on The Inspiring Show is the amazing Melanie Benson. I adore Melanie, because she really walks her talk. She practices everything she teaches and has years of experience and cutting edge strategies to help today’s entrepreneurs.

Get the full Show Notes and Downloads here:

Find out:

- Why sharing your message on podcasts is a TOP lead generation strategy right now.

- Why talented experts are NOT getting leads and clients from podcast interviews, like they could.

- How Melanie’s ROCS Method transform can your interview into a catchy client magnet.

Melanie Benson is a Profit Amplifier, and has a gift for guiding fast-paced, mission-driven entrepreneurs to thrive financially in their work. Melanie has a proven track record of accelerating results by using her Amplify techniques.

Hosted & Produced by Jennifer Henczel.