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Oct 5, 2022

Paul Henczel interviews Leadership Performance Coach Fran Racioppi. Francis Racioppi knows what it takes for any human to go from ordinary to extraordinary. He shares his exact steps in this motivating interview.

Fran Racioppi is the host of the Jedburgh Podcast. He is a highly decorated, educated, and impressive individual having served for 13 years as a Green Beret, where he planned and coordinated special forces and advised and aided the Commander of Special Forces in Africa. Fran has earned numerous Military Decorations for his service.

He is also the Chief People Officer at SOF Foundation, Founder at FRsix and Race Director at Sailahead.

-- Learn Fran’s 5 components of a Performance Mindset.

--Hear how you can infuse these principles into your life and business for more success.

--Find out about the fascinating meaning behind Jedburgh.

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